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SafeandSound Online Mastering - Professional Studios @ mainroom

SafeandSound Online Mastering studio photos

Location: London UK
Est: 2009
Service: Dedicated to mastering
Gear: PMC IB1S, Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC, Manley Massive Passive, HCL Varis Vari mu, Sontec clone EQ, Summit Audio DCL-200, Fully treated room
Price: 1T£30.00 | 4T EP £90.00 | £210.00
WebSite: https://www.masteringmastering.co.uk/onlinemastering.html

SafeandSound Mastering has been dedicated to mastering audio for a decade.Mastering engineer Barry Gardner has a total of 20 years professional audio engineering experience.

Using high end analogue equipment and and ear selected DSP my specialist mastering can lift your music to its full potential. Fully treated room with 28 bass traps, high resolution large format 3 way mastering grade monitoring : PMC IB1S powered by 500WPC Hypex amplification. Manley Massive Passive, Vari mu, Sontec clone, Summit Audio valve compressor

Worldwide client base, free mix appraisal if requested, revisions free within reason. World class results at unbeatable rates. Get in contact for your next mastering project.

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  1. mustafa yıldırır

    hi. i want to do mastering for my single. what do i do? which format should i send? (wav.?) and how much i pay. see u..
    16 February 2021 20:51 replyquote * * * * *
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