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Northcutt Beats Studio - Home Studios @ mainroom

Northcutt Beats Studio studio photos
Northcutt Beats Studio
Northcutt Beats Studio
Northcutt Beats Studio
Location: San Jose, CA
Est: 2014
Service: Mixing/Mastering, Production
Gear: M audio bx5 and Bx8 Monitors, NI Kompete audio 6 soundcard, Macbook, Auralex acoustic foam, Logic X
I loved this studio (RIP unfortunately dunno ) Although I didn't have diffusers, the walls were completely covered in acoustic foam, with bass traps at each corner of the room. Also heavily carpeted so there was virtually no echo in the room. Had air conditioning and christmas lights for asthetics and a 500 pound desk that could withstand a damn nuclear attack. Lol.

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  1. lol

    no echo = not good

    learn your shit.

    enjoy your ac noise
    29 March 2016 16:37 replyquote * * * * *
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