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How to Make Your Own Acoustic Panels
This is a tutorial for you to create your own acoustic panels or, at least, to make them the way I did. These feature a double frame design, which is something I came up with to have the insulation/rockwool batt away from the wall.

Anyway, instead of rockwool I used a similar product called "soundscreen", which is designed specifically for sound absorption. I paid AU$48 for each pack of 8 batts (got two packs). Measurements for each batt are 1160mm x 580mm. Thickness is 70mm. These are as sound-absorbent as 100mm rockwool panels. What kind I say, the stuff is amazing, not itchy at all and it is super safe and fire-retardant.

I used pine 90mm x 19mm timber for the frame and I used a smaller 20mm x 20mm bits of wood for an inner frame on which the soundscreen batt sits; this also helps to keep the batt away from the wall by about 20mm. Every bit of wood was glued, drilled and screwed.

For the fabric I used:
Back of panels - Enviro cloth spun bonded at a ridiculous AU$0.99 per metre*
Front of panels black - Enviro cloth spund bonded (a bit heavier) AU$3.99 per metre*
Front of panels red - Indian cotton < a beautiful dark red that is very breathable. This are much nicer and will be used in a living room.

*The enviro cloth spun bonded is very similar to the stuff they put on top of speakers, just thicker and stronger. Extremely breathable stuff, but JUST not see-through.

The final measurement of the panels is 618mm x 1388mm, including the frame.

All materials for 8 panels was AU$544.00. This also includes some tools I didn't have such as big-ass stapler, framing materials, lots of screws, countersink drill bits, etc. Roughly, about $55-$60 per panel. As a reference, an Australian dollar is very close to the US dollar.

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  1. Catalyst

    This is brilliant work that Demon produced and shared with us on AudioSex. The video is concise, entertaining and guides you through every step of the process in creating your own acoustic panels. Bravo! 5 stars.
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