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Laughing Buddha Recording - Home Studios @ mainroom

Laughing Buddha Recording studio photos
Laughing Buddha Recording
Laughing Buddha Recording
Laughing Buddha Recording
Laughing Buddha Recording
Laughing Buddha Recording
Location: Germany; NRW
Est: since 2004
Service: Recording, Mixing, CD Production, Cover Art
Gear: see Website
Price: feel free to ask ;-)
WebSite: http://laughing-buddha-recording.de/
Welcome to Laughing Buddha Recording

Laughing Buddha Recording is a Project- or
Home Recording Studio.

It offers the possibility in a very personal context record his songs and produce, or even already finished songs to remix.

We have certainly not "Super High-Tech equipment", but also no "Rubbish"

I work with Steinberg's Cubase DAW and Wave Lab as well as div. Plug in's

Contact me over my Wesite or send a email to: [email protected]

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  1. Nickie

    How about some decent monitor speakers? :)
    25 October 2014 16:58 replyquote * * * * *
  2. Laughing Buddha Recording

    Hi Nickie,
    i ´m satisfied with my JBL System and my Sure Headphone. So i know my room and the sound in there ;-)

    Stay Tune
    16 January 2015 10:57 replyquote * * * * *
  3. lol

    doesn't matter if "you know your room" hes right, using 3 different kinds of speakers thats 3 different qualities of sounds my friend. trust me, spend $400 on good speakers or atleast go to a p.a shop and lsiten to monitor speakers, then listen to yours again, youll be pissed youve been using 3 shitty speakers which doesnt matter how many speakers you use. in a matter of 1 year iv done what some producers for 5 years cant do because of good speakers :D
    24 January 2015 20:20 replyquote * * * * *
  4. lol

    forgot to add, doesnt matter if you know your room your trying to get it to sound good in ANY environment so other ppl can enjoy it not you, other ppl wont come to your crib just to hear your songs sound 1 specific way :P
    24 January 2015 20:22 replyquote * * * * *
  5. Laughing Buddha Recording

    Hi lol,

    by all respect. It makes a diffrent if you know your room!!! I have diffrent refences of music from classic to metal. From this one i know how this must sound and will sound in my room. Never the less i also hear my stuff in diffrent enviroments or with diffrent speakers before i finfalize. From Car to PC to HiFi. By the way i ´ve got a good friend with B&W Speakers on a high end HiFi gear, which is for me something like the "Last Quality Check".
    So i´ve done this things, as you said, what some producers for 5 years cant do because i know my room :D
    17 February 2016 14:42 replyquote * * * * *
  6. Giacomo

    Let him do with the speakers he likes and knows. Music is freedom and anarchy. No precooked truths please.
    9 September 2020 07:16 replyquote * * * * *
  7. Laughing Buddha Recording

    Giacomo, you're absolutely right, but it's not only a good loudspeaker but also the one around it.
    But in the end it doesn't matter how I achieve my sound.
    As some music legends have said:
    If it sounds good, it is good
    27 October 2020 13:08 replyquote * * * * *
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