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Spalding Studio - Professional Studios @ mainroom

Spalding Studio studio photos
Spalding Studio
Spalding Studio
Spalding Studio
Spalding Studio
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Est: 1996
Service: Music production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Gear: SSL AWS948, Adam, Focal, Apogee, Brauner etc.
Price: Call for price
WebSite: http://www.spalding-studio.com
Recording, mixing and mastering in the city centre of Hamburg.
The heart of the studio is the Solid State Logic AWS 948 console.
The main difference to conventional rental studios is our big main recording room, which doubles as the control room.
Apart from its two main recording rooms (58m2/15m2), the studio has a comfortable lounge and a kitchenette for relaxing breaks.

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  1. LV

    Love your setup, not too fancy and good ergonomics... Awesome speakers and mac hardware... Good job :)
    13 August 2013 21:20 replyquote * * * * *
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