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Spiff Studios - Professional Studios @ mainroom

Spiff Studios studio photos
Spiff Studios
Spiff Studios
Spiff Studios
Spiff Studios
Location: San Sebastian, Spain
Est: 2004
Service: Recording, mixing, score composing and arranging, post production, mastering and road management
Gear: Yamana DM2000, Nuendo 6, Focusrite Liquid Channel, Focusrite ISA 428 (x2), Focusrite Liquid Mix, TC Electronic Powercore 6000, Yamaha MSP10 Studio, Waves Platinum-Renaissance Maxx-Tony Maserati-Eddie Cramer Bundles, AKG-Shure-Sennheiser Microphones...
Price: 50 EUR
WebSite: http://www.spiffstudios.com
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  1. Baghdad

    Mid session that new pile of gear seowhd up which put the Vocals through the LaChapell Mic Pre, Kik and Snare through the API, and Piano/Room Mic through the Shadow Hill pre-amps. The Shadow Hill Optigragh compressor kept the vocal in place in a nice cozy manner during rough mixes.
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