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Studio Master Comp - Home Studios @ mainroom

Studio Master Comp studio photos
Studio Master Comp
Studio Master Comp
Studio Master Comp
Studio Master Comp
Studio Master Comp
Studio Master Comp
Location: Lowicz, Poland
WebSite: http://studiomastercomp.com
Studio Master Comp is home-based mix, mastering studio which deals with:
  • Digital mastering- using pc platform
  • Mixing of previously recorded tracks
  • Recording of wide range of instruments, including guitar, bass, pianos, strings, and vocals
  • noise removal- from vinyl and magnetic records
  • Broadcast productions such as commercial advertisements, multimedia presentation and radio jiingle
  • drums programming-in wide variety of musical style
  • music production for film

    The studio area is very well soundproofed and equals 15 square meters

    The studio is simultaneously mixing and recording room, which is achieved by moving every bit of unwanted sound-generating equipment out of main studio premises Additionally The studio equipment with mobile recording cabin - especially useful for vocals and guitar records

    -main monitors- equator audio research Q10
    -pionner hi end monitors
    -canton carat 300
    -headphones akg k271 mk2, sennheiser HD - 575, koss ur-29

    -IGS double triode 2 channel
    -neve 1972
    -sp-vtb series

    -avantone bv-1 reference mics
    -akg c 2000
    -mxl 660
    -sm 58 beta
    -sm 57 5 szt.
    -sm 58 5 szt.

    -cubase 4
    -novation bass station
    -analog factory
    -ableton live 7

    PC i7 16 GB ram, 3TB Hard Drive, LYNX L22 sound card
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    1. SAiNT

      nice setup pianoplay
      that movie on the screen reminded me the first Skalpel's music video, i bet you know that band wink
      9 June 2013 21:02 replyquote * * * * *
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