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AES Vienna: Jocavi Acoustic Panels - Docs / Videos @ mainroom

Location: mainroom
Dan Agosto drops by the Jocavi Acoustic Panels exhibit at AES in Vienna and walks us through some of the options. Irregularly shaped surfaces on walls sharply reduce the reflection of sound and are commonly used in professional recording studios and spaces. There's more than one way to be irregular as this Gearwire video shows.

In second video Dan shows off some of the more visually appealing offerings in Jocavi's line of acoustical panels. These panels are wall treatments for recording spaces that diminish reflection of sound by presenting an irregular surface. Sound energy collides with the surface and becomes broken up by it, as opposed to a flat surface, which doesn't break up sound energy. Instead, flat surfaces reflect it with little energy loss and therefore a net increase in the room's sound energy.

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